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Jamie’s Farm, Lewes, are looking for a volunteer beekeeper!
Do you have experience in beekeeping and an enthusiasm for sharing your passion with young people?
We are looking for a regular volunteer to help set up two hives and oversee the bees, alongside working with our visiting young people to introduce them to the world of beekeeping and honey production.
Details of the post and its role of the job here.
Find out more about Jamie's Farm here.

Brighton and Lewes are very much aware that as we are close to ports both in Newhaven and Shoreham we could be next to have a hornet in our area.
There have been several sightings of Asian Hornets around the country and already two nests have been destroyed. You can see the map of reported sightings here.

It would be useful if every beekeeper makes and observes a monitoring trap and observes what gets caught. Details NBU monitoring trap here.

We can offer some support via regular meetings, training or speakers who would be of interest to you, a bee question and answer session, perhaps a voice on the committee…
We are looking for people who have achieved their BBKA Basic Assessment, or above that experience of beekeeping. We want to provide and maintain a good and safe standard of beekeeping for our members.
What would it take for you to volunteer for mentoring? The initial offer is to meet, maybe for a cheeky shandy now and again. With an emphasis on mentoring our new beekeepers. The mentees would either, have done an Introduction to beekeeping or started a Novice beekeeping course.
We would like to recruit mentors to cover as much of our division as possible we cover an area of Sussex ranging from Portslade in the west to Newhaven in the east and as far north as Haywards Heath.
Message me if you want to be part of this initiative.