Commercial Bee Products


Commercial Bee Products including hives, clothing, and other equipment:[Note: The Sussex Beekeepers Association Brighton & Lewes Division list these commercial sites but are not responsible for the quality or service of any of them and do not take any responsibility for poor products, service or any other failing].
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1 weblink Paynes Southdown Beefarms
For your local beekeeping needs.
2 weblink Peter Kemble
Beekeeping stuff including wax and foundation.
3 weblink Maggi and Ben Pratt
For all your local beekeeping needs contact Ben and Maggi.
4 weblink B.J. Sheriff
Protective beekeeping clothing.
6 weblink National Bee Supplies
Beekeeping materials etc.
7 weblink Taylors Bee House and Bee Hives
Beekeeping materials.
8 weblink Peak Hives
A small firm that makes national bee hives, using, where possible, locally sourced Western Red Cedar, and Red Deal.
9 weblink Donegal Bees
Everything for beekeepers at very competitive prices despite being in Ireland.
10 weblink C Arden Bookseller
New, out-of-print and antiquarian books bought and sold in natural history, gardening & bees and beekeeping.
11 weblink Honey Frame Packaging
Manufacturers and suppliers of box that can display and market a full frame of honey taking it direct from the hive to the table.
12 weblink Caddon Hives
Caddon Hives is located in the Scottish Borders. They are a father and son team, and have been selling WBC and National hives now since 2005.
13 weblink Solway Bee Supplies
Manufacturers of Cedar Bee Hives We manufacture a full range of wooden beekeeping equipment and supply a selected range of beekeeping sundries. We are a family based business and our aim is to supply quality beekeeping equipment at a competitive price with a quality service.
14 weblink Bee Proof Suits
Bee Suits
Online retailer of beekeeper's clothing. Bee Proof Suits range includes full protective bee suits and separate jackets and trousers. All orders delivered free.
15 weblink Honeycomb 999
Comb Making
Online retailer of products which help beekeepers to make comb honey as simply as possible, and without having to change their existing equipment.
16 weblink Beekeeping clothing
Beekeeping clothing
Online retailer of a range of beekeeper clothing (beekeeping suits, smocks and bee veils - from full one-piece bee suits & smocks through to our simple veils and bee vests). All orders delivered free.