June 2021 visit to Richard Markwick’s apiary

Being led to the hives
Being led on ... Richard at the front (just visible) with Jude New to his right, followed by visitor from Eastbourne) and then Thelda on the le, David Droscher on her right, and Graham Bubloz bringing up the rear.
Examing some hives
Examining some hives. Left to right: visitor from Eastbourne, David Droscher, Thelda Bryant, Richard Markwick and Esther.
Examining a frame.
Visitor from Eastbourne photographing a frame. Left to right: Eastbourne visitor, David Droscher, Thelda Bryant and Esther (one of Richard Markwick’s helpers).
Examining a frame
Examining and photographing a frame; all of Richard’s hives are Nationals. Left to right: Visitor from Eastbourne, Thelda and Esther.
Manipulating a hive
Esther manipulating hive no 138 - pealing the queen excluder off - with Richard Markwick looking on.
Round-up talk by Richard
A talk by Richard after the visit to two separate locations where Richard keeps his hives, a 20 minute round trip, outside his barn where he keeps his hive hardware. Left to right: Graham Bubloz, Leah, visitor from Eastbourne, Esther, Ben Castle, David Droscher, Thelda Bryant, Richard Markwick.