Membership Details

There are several classes and subscription of membership. These are:

Full Member A member keeping bees or intending to keep bees this year, requiring full insurance cover. Benefits: May attend all meetings; general help and advice given by experienced beekeepers; Brighton and Lewes monthly Newsletter; British Beekeepers Association Public and Products Liability Insurance; By email By post BBKA News Letter; Bee diseases Insurance for first three colonies, see below for premium
for further colonies; Entitled to vote at general meetings. £28.00, posted £42.00

Associate Member/Friend Open only to Full Members of another Division
Friend of the Club: Members not intending to keep bees. Benefits, Brighton and Lewes monthly Newsletter and may attend all meetings.
Associate, please record Name of other Division below. £7.50, posted £21.50

Partner Member A member being a partner of a Full Member at the same address requiring full insurance cover. No Newsletter. Benefits: may attend all meetings; general help and advice given by experienced beekeepers; British Beekeepers Association Public and Products Liability Insurance; Bee Diseases Insurance, including BDI for an extra three
colonies; entitled to vote at general meetings. £20.00

Family Member A member being a family member of a Full Member living with that Member that does not require any insurance. Benefits: may attend all meetings; please record Name with Full Member below. £1.00

Bee Craft An international renowned monthly magazine. If required, see table below for cost that is dependent upon the date of joining.

Bee Disease Insurance (Full & Partner Members: In accordance with our Constitution, all colonies must be insured with Bee Disease Insurance Limited. A colony is, any hive of bees regardless of size. Any potential increase in colony numbers between 1st January 2017 and 31st December 2017 must be taken into consideration. If found under insured THEN THAT CLAIM WILL BE INVALID. First 3 colonies. included in membership subscription. Details of the BDI insurance bands are given at the end of this form.
40 day rule – Members joining the BDI after 31.3.2017 cannot make a claim for 40 days.

There is a sliding scale for Beecraft subscription charges depending on when you join.

No. issues sent Cost If payment received by Subscriber will receive 1st issue which is:
No. issues Cost     Payment received date
12              £25.20    15/11/12 January 2017
11              £23.10    15/12/17 February 2017
10              £21.00    15/1/17 March 2017
9                £18.90    15/2/17 April 2017
8                £16.80    15/3/17 May 2017
7                £14.70    15/4/17 June 2017
6                £12.60    15/5/17 July 2017
5                £10.50    15/6/17 August 2017
4                £8.40      15/7/17 September 2017
3                £6.30      15/8/17 October 2017
2                £4.20      15/9/17 November 2017
1                £2.10      15/10/17 December 2017

There is also a scale for the Bee Disease Insurance; BDI now have 8 bands for insuring hives:
For up to 5 £2-00
10                £5-25
15                £7-75
20               £9-50
25               £11-10
30               £13-60
35               £16-10
39               £18-10