For Sale and Out-apiary Offers


Buyer beware! We are not responsible for anything bought through this website or any action arising there-from.

Caution: Nucs
All nucs that are sold through the Division must consist of and had, as a minimum, two frames of three stages of brood and stores for at least a week, as describe on the BBKA website for standards of nucs and preferably the queen should be marked. See the nucleus leaflet issued British Beekeepers Association

Inexperienced beekeepers should, before buying, have any nucs they wish to purchase inspected by more experienced ones    

Apiary Sites

  1. Two acres at Wivelsfield Green
  2. Offer of a nursery for bees at Poynings
  3. Plumpton Green a large garden.
  4. Tongdean Road, Brighton, BN3 6QE.
  5. Five acres in Streat (In the National Gardens).
  6. Burgess Hill, a large garden which is quiet and secluded. No rent but would like honey and wax on extraction.
  7. A garden for hiving colonies of bees in New England Road, Brighton. To contact Hilary Osman for further information: 07713532285

All inquiries to the Secretary, 07713532285

Bees & Equipment.
None available at present.

Association Bulk Buys
Please contact Pat Clowser.