For Sale and Out-apiary Offers


Buyer beware! We are not responsible for anything bought through this website or any action arising there-from.

Caution: Nucs
All nucs that are sold through the Division must consist of and had, as a minimum, two frames of three stages of brood and stores for at least a week, as describe on the BBKA website for standards of nucs and preferably the queen should be marked. See the nucleus leaflet issued British Beekeepers Association

Inexperienced beekeepers should, before buying, have any nucs they wish to purchase inspected by more experienced ones    

Apiary Sites
PLEASE NOTE: if you accept a site please let us know so that the ad. can be removed from this list.

  1. Nicola Holter is situation between Lewes and Uckfield at Rose Hill with just under four acres and would like to offer their garden to home a couple of hives. Please contact her on 07957939285.
  2. Two acres at Wivelsfield Green
  3. Plumpton Green a large garden.
  4. Tongdean Road, Brighton, BN3 6QE.
  5. Five acres in Streat (In the National Gardens).
  6. Burgess Hill, a large garden which is quiet and secluded. No rent but would like honey and wax on extraction.
  7. Woodmancote, near Henfield; 6 acre field, orchard and vegetable garden in the South downs; suitable for a couple of hives. To contact Hilary Osman for further information: 07713532285
  8. Sarah Tillard, in the Chailey area, would welcome a beekeeper on her site. Contact details, Email: Phone 01273 890350

All inquiries to the Secretary, 07713532285

Bees & Equipment.
We had to give up beekeeping a year or so ago having been members for many years. Clearing out the garage yielded some equipment that we can sell …

Bee PPE suit x2. One almost new.
Bee PPE hood and jacket combined x2
Smoker x1
Metal ends wide x10
National lift x2
National base x1
WBC lift x2
Clearing boards-miscellaneous .
Varroa counting boards x2
Swarm box x2
Honey mixing stick aluminium x1
Small hive on stand, 6 frames
Honey melting box – rather ancient

Seán and Noranne Biddulph; Hove.

Association Bulk Buys
Please contact Pat Clowser.