For Sale and Out-apiary Offers

Buyer beware! We are not responsible for anything bought through this website or any action arising there-from.
Caution: Nucs
All nucs that are sold through the Division must consist of and had, as a minimum, two frames of three stages of brood and stores for at least a week, as describe on the BBKA website for standards of nucs and preferably the queen should be marked. See the nucleus leaflet issued British Beekeepers Association

Inexperienced beekeepers should, before buying, have any nucs they wish to purchase inspected by more experienced ones    

Apiary sites
A garden in Plumpton Green has been offered as a possible site for a hive or two, contact Hilary for further details. 01273 813045,

Preferably in any of the Post Code areas BN1, 2, 3 or 7. Due to the loss of our apiary site at Stanmer Park. The division is looking to find a new site to provide a teaching facility with about four or five mature hives, and ideally with enough space for queen rearing and nuc production for use within the division. It would also be useful if space was available for new beekeepers to site their hives whilst developing their skills prior to finding their own apiary site.
The site should be reasonably isolated to reduce the potential hazard to the general public and nearby animals, be secure and have vehicle access. It would also help if it was level enough that the division can site a couple of storage sheds on the site.
If you think you can help or know of anybody who can, please contact Ian White on 07875 663665 or

Bees & Equipment.
1. Colonies on stands:
a. One on left with Varroa screen floor, brood box, queen excluder, super, crown board, eke, roof and all frames. £ 140.
b. Central colony same again but with extra brood box.
c. Swarm box with bees.
All the three colonies have been treated for Varroa.
Contact Noranne and Sean Biddulph: telephone number 01273 727084, email or

2. 2 cedar hives, 2 suits, extractor, smokers, plus 2 boxes of new jars and more, all 1-2 yrs old in BN5 area.
Reasonable offers welcome Jon, tel: 07543600090

The items are at Sheffield Park, near the Bluebell Railway (20 mins North of Lewes).  Contact Brian: