Beekeeping Groups

Groups and organisations associated with beekeeping.
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1   weblink   Mantel Farm
Garden Farming; poultry keeping, beekeeping, animal boarding and rural training courses.
2   weblink   B&L Beekeepers Facebook
Our Facebook page
3   weblink   Sussex Bee
Your SUSSEX Beekeeping Site
4   weblink   The British Beekeepers Association
Represents beekeepers in the British Isles
5   weblink   International Bee Research Association
Excellent bee research/reference source
6   weblink   Éric Tourneret’s site
Éric is a professional photographer and author and is committed to environmental protection.
7   weblink   New Zealand beekeepers
Wellington, New Zealand beekeepers – good stuff.
8   weblink   Essex Beekeepers Association
Beekeeping links.
9   weblink   Central Sussex Beekeepers Association
Central Sussex Beekeepers Association.
10   weblink   East Sussex – links to divisions
Links to some Sussex beekeeping organisations including Eastbourne & District Beekeepers Association, and High Weald Division of the SBKA.
11   weblink   WSBKA website
West Sussex Beekeepers Association: Wisborough Green Division
12   weblink   Worthing Beekeepers Association
Worthing Beekeepers Association
13   weblink   Eastbourne Beekeepers
Eastbourne Beekeepers
14   weblink   Eastgrinstead Beekeepers  
15   weblink   Wisborough Green Beekeepers  
16   weblink   Hastings and Rother Beekeepers  
17   weblink   Highweald Beekeepers  
18   weblink   Chichester Beekeepeers  
19   weblink   Petersfield and District Beekeeping Association
Petersfield and District Beekeeping Association
20   weblink   Surrey Beekeepers Association
Surrey Beekeepers Association
21   weblink   Kingston Beekeepers Club
Kingston Beekeepers Club
22   weblink   Guildford Beekeepers Association
Guildford Beekeepers Association
23   weblink   Reigate Beekeepers Association

Reigate Beekeepers Association
24   weblink   Kent Beekeepers Association

Kent Beekeepers Association
25   weblink   Hampshire Beekeepers Association
Hampshire Beekeepers Association
26   weblink   Florida State Beekeepers
An excellent site to see how they do it on the other side of the ‘pond’.
27   weblink   Dave Cushman, Basingstoke beekeeper –
Very useful with links etc.
28   weblink   Natural Beekeeping Network site.

29   weblink   Friends of BeesUK-based charity founded to conserve and protect bees, to educate people about bees and to research and promote more natural beekeeping methods.  
30   weblink   BeeBase.
National Bee Unit website.
31   weblink   Free Beekeeping e-books Beesource.  
32   weblink   Beekeeping Forum Chats about bees.  

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