Training & Assessment

Improve Your Beekeeping Skills

In addition to hands-on experience at our Summer Apiary meetings, Brighton & Lewes Division are keen to help our members new and old to improve their knowledge and skills by attending theory and practical courses and maybe by being assessed to gain a qualification. The British Bee Keeping Association (BBKA) have a number of theoretical and practical modules/ qualifications that you can achieve – full details are available on the BBKA Website here – BBKA Exams & Assessments. Always good to have your competence recognised.

To help you through the process we offer a number of opportunities that may help. Hands-on experience at Summer Apiary Meetings to gain experience and meet new members of a similar ilk.  These meetings normally have a beginners’ hour where novices can see and handle bees.  Protective equipment is provided and the meetings are a great way to find out if beekeeping is for you.  For more advanced members demonstrations and discussions can prove very useful.  See the Meetings & Events link at the top of the screen where details will be found if/when available.

Bee Keeping Tuition 2017

Brighton and Lewes Division beekeepers are keen to help our members to improve their knowledge and skills in a number of ways.

  • We offer practical training in the Divisional apiaries in the summer. The first hour of the summer meetings is for beginners to see and handle bees.  See Events page for further details and dates.
  • Winter talks on a variety of bee related topics. See Events page for details of talks.
  • Beekeeping courses, see below.
  • The British Beekeepers’ Association also offers theoretical module examinations and practical assessments at Basic stages, General Husbandry and more advanced, Brighton and Lewes Division offers help and advice for those wishing to pursue the exam route. Full details of these examinations and assessments can be found on the BBKA Website

The Tutor is Amanda Millar, President of Sussex Beekeepers’ Association and a member of Brighton and Lewes Beekeepers, who has achieved module theory examinations 1-7, General Husbandry qualifications and has many years of experience.
Tuition offered by Amanda is available at five levels and two venues.

  1.  An evening Bee Talk. Beekeeping today and what you need to know if you are just thinking about beekeeping, what is involved and how to help bees, including bee biology, the apiary set up, equipment needed and basic hive management and keeping bees healthy and all about honey. Held at Mantel Farm Battle, Sussex, Contact Mantel Farm for details and booking.
    Dates are Friday evenings from 19.00 to 22.00. September 8th, October 6th 2017.
  2.  Two day weekend course. This more intensive course is intended for those planning on taking up beekeeping or those who have recently obtained bees and will provide all the information you require in your first few years of beekeeping. It includes bee biology and behaviour, hives and equipment, management techniques, keeping bees healthy, recognizing and controlling disease and other problems, the importance of plants and forage and honey harvest and other bee products. Includes lunch, course notes, opening a hive (weather permitting). Held at Mantel Farm Battle, Sussex, Contact Mantel Farm for details and booking.  Dates are 23/24th September, 14/15th October from 09.30 to 16.30.5.

Protective bee jackets will be provided unless you have your own. Come with thick trousers (not jeans) wellies and rubber gloves.

Contact:  Amanda Millar – see Contacts and Membership